Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

June 23, 2007 | Filed Under Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets 

After his adventurous first year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter spends another miserable summer with his guardians, the Dursleys.

On his birthday, Harry is paid a visit by a house elf named Dobby, who begs Harry not to return to Hogwarts. Dobby wreaks havoc upon the Dursley home, making it look like Harry’s doing, and Harry is locked in his room. Fortunately, Ron Weasley and his twin brothers, Fred and George, rescue him from his imprisonment in a magical flying car. Harry spends a happy summer at the Weasleys.

Something unusual happened when Harry and Ron tried to pass through the barrier at the train station to get to track 9 ¾. The barrier was blocked! Who would try to keep Harry from going back to his beloved school? Ron and Harry couldn’t get through and missed their train to Hogwarts. The boys flew to the school in the flying car and received detentions for their behavior.

Harry finds himself the center of attention in his second year, the result of his heroism the year before. Ron’s sister Ginny has a crush on him, and the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, best-selling author Gilderoy Lockhart, feels Harry is good publicity.

Soon, Harry goes from hero to suspect as ominous graffiti appears on the walls and the Chamber of Secrets is opened, letting loose a monster that leaves some students petrified.

Because Harry can speak Parseltongue ( he can communicate to snakes), he is thought to be the Heir to Syltherin and the only person who can open the Chamber of Secrets. It’s up to Harry to find the true Heir and put an end to the horror that came out of the Chamber.

When Hermione is left petrified by the monster, and graffiti indicates Ginny Weasley is in the Chamber where her skeleton “will lie forever,” Harry comes to the rescue. He not only finds the chamber, and Ginny lying unconscious, but he meets Tom Riddle, or rather, Tom Riddle’s memory. Ginny found Tom Riddle’s magical diary, unaware that young Tom Riddle would grow up to become Lord Voldemort.

As Riddle steals Ginny’s life, he grows more powerful. Harry fights the process thanks to some help from Fawkes, Professor Dumbledore’s Phoenix. Riddle’s memory dies and Ginny recovers. Later it’s learned that Draco Malfoy’s father, Lucious, planted the diary among Ginny’s school books.

Harry also learns Dobby the house elf belongs to the Malfoys. It was Dobby who blocked the train barrier so he wouldn’t go to Hogwarts. Dobby knew Harry was in danger. After confronting Luscious Malfoy about planting the diary, Harry frees the house elf, enraging Malfoy. Dobby becomes a trusted ally.


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