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Contest Winners Announced!

After much deliberation and lots of long hours reading, and then re-reading the entries, our crew has decided on our two winners. Prizes to be awarded upon confirmation of PayPal addresses.

Here are the winners!deathly hallows cover

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Are you one of those people who’s read every book….three times?

Do you have an idea for the perfect ending for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Well, you’re in luck! The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows blog is sponsoring a contest where you write the ending to the last Harry Potter book.

How To Win The Contest

There will be two winners. One winner will be selected for coming up with the best ending and the other winner will be selected for coming up with an ending that is most similar to the ending that JK Rowling puts into her book.

The first winner of the contest will be selected on the day before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released (July 20th 2007). The second winner will be selected two weeks later after we’ve had the chance to read the book and draw a consensus on the details of the ending. The person who gets the most facts right will be the winner of the second prize.

The Prizes

Submission Guidelines

Submissions can be made either as statements of fact or written as fiction, as if they were in the book. Preference will be given to submissions that are written as fiction. Submissions should be at least 500 words, though the best entries will certainly be longer and more detailed. Please cut and paste your submission into the contact form below by July 20th. Entries posted after July 21st will not be considered. You should use a real email address for us to contact you when you win;-)

Just drop your submission into a comment. It’s that easy.


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  3. Something Fun | College-Startup on June 20th, 2007 3:15 am

    […] we’re running a “write your own ending” contest for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows. Two $500 cash prizes. Not bad, […]

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  5. Kristyn Lak Miller on June 20th, 2007 5:27 pm

    Harry sat down in the Headmaster’s Office, his head spinning as if he had just traveled by Floo powder from Antarctica. He closed his eyes and absentmindedly rubbed his scar, which had turned oddly numb. He missed Ron. It’s my fault he’s dead, Harry thought over and over again.

    “You should be proud of your accomplishments,” Dumbledore said and Harry jumped. He hadn’t heard Dumbledore enter the office. “You found and destroyed all the remaining Horcruxes and you killed Voldemort.”

    “Yes, but. …” Harry couldn’t finish his sentence and Dumbledore didn’t need him to. “I know,” Dumbledore said gently. He sat in the chair near Harry, facing him. “You have suffered a great loss. But you know why Ron gave his life for you.”

    “He didn’t give his life,” Harry said, almost shouting. “That’s the thing. It was stolen from him. And it’s all my fault.”

    “There’s no denying Voldemort killed your friend,” Dumbledore said. “But don’t you think Ron’s bravery deserves a different perspective?” Harry was silent. His heart was pounding yet he wanted to listen, wanted Dumbledore to make sense of this for him. “It’s not your fault. He risked his life and, ultimately, he gave his life, in the hopes that you wouldn’t die. Voldemort was so caught up in killing you that he didn’t realize Ron’s love, like your mother’s, would protect you, would make it impossible for him to harm you. Ron’s love saved you from being killed and allowed you, in turn, to kill Voldemort.”

    Harry stood up and faced the window, away from Dumbledore. A year ago, he had thought Dumbledore was dead and now he was with him in his office. And, once again, it was under tragic circumstances.

    “I miss him,” Harry said simply.

    He heard Dumbledore stand up and then felt his hands on his shoulders. “You always will, I’m afraid. He was your best mate and nothing I say can take your pain away, Harry.” They were both quiet for a moment and then Dumbledore walked around his desk and sat in his chair, watching Harry.

    Several clocks were ticking and Fawkes was restless on his perch. Harry looked out the window at the grounds he had grown to love, at the only place he had ever felt at home. Well, there was The Burrow but he felt too ashamed, too guilty to go back there.

    “I loved it here,” Harry said.

    “Aah, yes,” Dumbledore said. “I’m glad you brought that up. Would you mind having a seat? There is something I’d like to tell you.”

    Harry wiped the tears from his eyes and walked to the chair closest to him and sat down. He looked up at Dumbledore expectantly.

    “As you know, you didn’t officially graduate from Hogwarts. …”

    “How could I?” Harry started to object. Dumbledore raised his hands and smiled. “Let me finish. You didn’t officially graduate from Hogwarts but we’re going to give you an honorary diploma based on what you and your friends achieved this year. We’re giving you and Hermione top marks in all the N.E.W.T.s. Hermione was a tad upset at not having to take the tests herself [Harry smiled.] but there you go.”

    “Thank you, Professor.”

    “Now a question, Harry. Do you still want to be an Auror?”

    “No,” Harry said without pause.

    Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. “And why not?” Harry had the impression that Dumbledore already knew the answer.

    “An Auror’s life is, well, it’s dark isn’t it? [Dumbledore nodded.] I don’t want that. I want to be normal. I want to have fun. I want. …”

    There was a pause and Dumbledore said, “Yes?”

    “I want to be able to be with Ginny again,” Harry said, barely above a whisper.

    Dumbledore was leaning forward in his chair and he sat back with an expression on his face Harry couldn’t quite define. “Harry, you’ve dealt with things in your life that no one should. The death of your parents, your uncle, and your best friend, and all when you were so young. It pleases me more than I can say that you’re still opening your heart to love. I [he started to cry] – I’m just so proud of you.”

    “Erm, professor?” Harry said, unsure what to do as Dumbledore wept openly. A few minutes passed and Dumbledore blew his nose in his handkerchief, honking loudly.

    “I’m sorry, Harry. This has been an emotional time for all of us.” He cleared his throat. “Okay, and now some more good news. As you know, we have two vacant positions at Hogwarts. Professor of Potions was recently filled by a Miss Hermione Granger.”

    “What?” Harry said, falling off his seat.

    “Yes, I thought that might happen.” Dumbledore flicked his wand and Harry was back in his seat, blinking. “As for the other position, Professor of the Defense Against the Dark Arts, well, I was hoping. … you see, I was thinking that. … if it was at all possible. …”

    “What?” Harry said, standing so he wouldn’t fall off his chair again.

    “Yes, right. Here we go. I’d like to offer the position to you.”

    Harry was as still as all the former headmasters whose paintings lined the walls of Dumbledore’s office, each one perched on the end of his seat, listening intently. One held a trumpet to his ear so he could hear better.

    “Of course!” Harry said, sitting and then standing again. “Of course.”

    Dumbledore stood as well. “I’m thrilled. Just thrilled.” Harry watched as he walked around his desk, past Harry, and to his office door. “And I believe there are a few people who’d like to celebrate with you.”

    Dumbledore opened the door and gave the thumbs up and Harry heard shrieks of happiness as Hermione ran in, followed by a smiling Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Ginny, the twins, and Percy.

    “I was hoping you’d say yes,” screamed Hermione as she grabbed Harry around the neck and pulled tightly.

    “Thanks,” croaked Harry.

    “Oh, dear, I’m so proud of you,” said Mrs. Weasley.

    “You’re not. … you don’t hate me?” Harry managed to say through Hermione’s still-tight grip.

    Mrs. Weasley dabbed at her eyes with a tissue and said, “Harry, why would I hate you? You didn’t do anything. Ron loved you. We love you. You’re like a son to us. You. … oh Harry.” She joined Hermione in hugging Harry. Fred, George, Percy, and Ginny joined in too.

    “Save room for me!” yelled Mr. Weasley, running over with his arms wide.

    “Watch it Dad, that’s my right cheek,” yelled George.

    “And my left one,” cried Fred.

    Dumbledore eventually started clapping and was joined by all the former headmasters, each now standing in his portrait. Eventually, the group disbanded, everyone smiling, laughing, and rubbing away a runaway tear or two.

    “Let’s give Harry and Ginny a moment of privacy, shall we,” Dumbledore said, herding the group through his office door. When it clicked shut, Harry turned to Ginny and grinned, fighting the urge to examine his shoes.

    “Oh, Harry, it’s still me,” Ginny said, and the tension broke. He walked over and kissed her.

    “So I guess you’ll go out with me again?” Harry said a few minutes later.

    “Well, I’m not sure. This is my last year at Hogwarts and you are my teacher.” She smiled and they kissed again.

    Kristyn Lak Miller

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  7. Meg on June 20th, 2007 7:26 pm

    I have a theory who R.A.B. is. He’s mentioned at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince… oh yeah, spoiler alert. Anyway, it’s Regulus Black. He’s the younger brother of Sirius who joined the Death Eaters, left the Death Eaters and was offed in some as-yet-unmentioned manner by Voldermort or “on Voldemort’s orders, more likely” (pg 112 in OOTP).

    1) The initials. We don’t know his middle name, yet, but two out of three is pretty good.

    2) He was murdered by Voldemort just after trying to leave the Death eaters which implies he was high up in the evil-doers’ chain of command. If he was close to Voldemort, he could have known about the Horcruxes and that would have made it easier for him to find the locket.

    3) Sirius, and all the rest of the Black family, actually, is dead so they can’t give any info on Regulus. Sidenote to JK Rowling, who I’m sure is an avid reader of my blog: No more Pensieve scenes unless they involve Harry’s parents meeting and falling in love, ok? They’re starting to feel like page-count increasers and plot cop-outs.

    4) There is a “heavy locket that none of them could open” (pg 116 in OOTP and I promise I’ll stop footnoting now) in a dresser at 12 Grimmauld Place. Coincidence?

    5) Unfortunately, Mundungus Fletcher swiped a bunch of the Black family silver and pawned it in THBP, so the locket could be anywhere. Hence, the seventh book.

    6) Rowling is really into the classicist-friendly foreshadowing. Some of it’s a bit much, like Sirius becoming a dog and Remus Lupin becoming a wolf.

    And Regulus is the name of a Roman general who was taken prisoner by the Carthaginians in the 2nd Punic War. He was given an opportunity to return to Rome to a peace treaty, which he did, then he told the Roman senate not to accept them (even though those terms made provision for his life + return to Rome) because the terms sucked for the OotP, I mean, for Rome as a whole. He went back to Carthage with the answer, instead of running away which he totally could have gotten away with,, and then Voldemort, I mean, the Carthaginians, killed him.

    Your tuition dollars at work, Mom and Dad.

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  9. Hal Licino on June 21st, 2007 8:10 am

    Harry’s eyes snapped open in the darkened room. He was completely disoriented as it seemed to him just moments earlier, he was in the midst of the climatic battle at Deathly Hallows, using all of his powers and his skills to save all of humanity from the amassed vicious and bloodthirsty evils of the Netherworld. Suddenly and without explanation, he had found himself in the silence of this pitch-black place, wherever it was.

    Harry wondered if this had been an effect of some diabolical magic, and waved his arm in a specific ritual pattern to invoke the spell of firelight. His blood chilled as absolutely nothing happened. He then concentrated hard and used both hands to launch the spell of the Candle of Ra. The gloom was unaltered.

    With the fear running through his soul that his powers had somehow been taken from him, he began to rise to his feet in the mysterious darkness. He heard a bit of shifting about twenty feet away. As he turned to squint in that direction, humiliatingly powerless and blind, he heard another rustle of clothing in the opposite direction. He held his bare hands out before him, ready to confront the inevitable attack, when suddenly he heard a match strike against its flint. He turned to face it and saw the bright glow of the tiny fire illuminating a middle aged man with graying temples and a rotund belly. Another match was lit behind him, this time by a woman in her 30s with shoulder length brunette hair and spectacles. More matches were lit all around him, and as each of the individuals used their fire to give life to their candles, Harry could finally see the situation he had found himself in.

    He was in a large hall with a polished wooden floor marked with coloured lines, certainly some form of Satanic symbolism. Creating a solid circle around him at a radius of about 20 feet was a group of perhaps sixty or seventy people, each dressed in peculiar garments Harry had never seen before. Some men wore a strange variation of a morning coat with bright cravats, others were attired in the style of a Genoa sailor wearing their typical indigo cloth breeches and collarless shirts with sleeves cut above the elbow. Most of the women were clothed with a type of pantaloon and multicoloured blouses. All were between the ages of about 25 and 50. And they were all staring at him with a murderous coldness, the icy stare of an executioner.

    As his eyes adjusted to the candle light, Harry could see that hall was surrounded by pews arranged in an inverse pyramid shape, certainly to focus the evil energy towards the centre where he lay. The hall’s walls were festooned with brightly coloured banners, celebrating some form of championship, but the years annotated on these pennants shocked Harry. 1998, 2003, 2005! Could he have been somehow transported into the future?

    A tallish man took a couple of steps forward, breaking the circle. His gray eyes glinted in the candle light as he stared directly into Harry’s soul.

    “Harry Potter!” The man’s voice reverberated through the hall.

    “I am Harry Potter,” Harry replied, steeling himself for the inevitable confrontation. “Which spawn of hell are you?”

    “Curse you, Harry Potter,” the man replied with an implacable sternness. “How dare you call me a spawn of hell after what you have done to us?”

    This statement caused Harry to gasp. Could these be the souls of all those he had vanquished in the past? Why would they have brought him to the future?

    “I know not who you are, thus I am not aware of having harmed you!” Harry spoke out in the quivering candle light.

    “So you don’t know us, right, Harry?” As the man uttered his name, the room was instantly filled by bright greenish lights eminating from a score of large round fixtures strapped to the high ceiling. He could now clearly see his adversaries, and read all their wall-mounted ensigns although they did not make any sense to him. 3-Peat, B-Ball, Hoosiers, all discordant terms.

    “We’re the ones you’ve tortured for a decade, Harry,” the man continued his harangue. “You’ve bled us to death… the books, the DVDs, the action figures, the Crookshanks dolls, the Hogwarts House Quidditch Chess Set for three hundred freakin’ bucks!” By now the man was rabid with rage. “And all this to sucker our kids into the moral relativism of the Godless occult!”

    At this cue the throng rushed towards him armed with a variety of deadly metal objects. Harry the recognized shiny statues of Flying Buckbeak, Dobby Is Free, Fawkes The Phoenix and his own Triwizard Cup as the blows began to rain upon him. As he fell under the vicious assault and began to lose consciousness, the last words he heard were screamed by a portly woman hammering him mercilessly with a heavy clock bearing his own likeness. “Wait until we get our hands on that beeotch, Jo Rowling!”

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  17. Freelance Writing Jobs » Blog Archive » Wednesday's Blogging Jobs on June 25th, 2007 6:48 am

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  19. Jennifer on June 25th, 2007 9:08 am

    The very last thing Harry said to Ron and Hermione was run, but it had been to late. He looked at their still bodies upon the ground, his chest aching from the pain of seeing his two best friends killed. His eyes flashed and he turned towards Voldamort.

    “YOU…..will regret this Voldamort” he said viciously.

    Voldomort laughed, the sound of dry leaves rustling in the wind.

    “ Tsk Tsk Harry Potter” he said viciously. “You should know better, You will never win…”

    He seemed to float around Harry, making Harry turn in circle to keep his eyes on him.

    “I have discovered the secret Harry. Of why you did not die that night, of why You have become so powerful, so fast.”

    Once again Voldmort laughed, and quickly, before Harry had time to blink, moved and was face to face with Harry, his dead rotting breath slowly making it hard for Harry to breath as it engulfed his senses. Harry tried to back up, but could not move. The dead gaze from Voldmorts eyes held him fast. Voldamort slowly backed away.

    “You Harry Potter,” he spit out the last name as if it were something disgusting in his mouth “ Have something that needs to be returned to me. And I would appreciate your cooperation”

    Before Harry could dodge or summon a protection spell, Voldamort cast a spell upon him to hold him in place, silencing him. All Harry could do was watch in horror as out of the shadows Death Eaters appeared. Chanting in parsel tongue.

    Voldomort spoke again, but this time to the gathered throng of his followers.

    “It is now time to have returned to me, that which I have lost long ago, that which rightfully belongs to me, That, which this…” he paused and looked at Harry, a sick smile on his face” Child has stolen from me, and used!”

    He turned back to Harry, his evil soulless eyes flashing with what one could only interpret as glee. He slowly made his way back to Harry, standing in front of him with his wand held in the air, ready to cast a spell.

    Harry’s mind turned back to the past. To all the things he had done, and all the things he had yet to do. He didn’t want to die, but he knew he would, as Ron and Hermione had, but more painful. He closed his eyes to hold back his tears. He missed Dumbledore, and Fawkes. He missed his awful aunt and Uncle. He wishes that he would have been lost forever, instead of knowing the world of magic. There had never been a peaceful moment in his life since then. He had lost those he loved. He looked at Voldamort, then past as he saw Snape standing behind him. His eyes were trying to tell Harry something, but he couldn’t figure it out. He could never figure Snape out. He looked back at Voldamort, his heart beating so hard it felt like it would jump out of his chest. His scar felt weird also, it throbbed, but it didn’t hurt. It seemed to move as if it were alive. This gave Harry a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

    Voldamort again said loudly to those gathered around.” It is time, now for me to regain the piece of myself lost, when I tried to make the Horcruix, My soul, which is what this Potter has stolen from Me.!”

    He looked to Harry and grinned evilly” That’s right potter, there is a piece of me, inside you, a piece of my soul, that you stole from me, and I want it BACK!”

    He waved his wand, and Harry closed his eyes, waiting for the pain or whatever it would feel like to have something removed from his own soul. But all he heard was the cry of Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix, and a bright flash of light behind his eyes. He dared not open them, but instead waited for what ever was going to happen to him. There was screaming around him, and people cursing in Parsel Tongue, he heard Voldamorte shout to a couple of Death eaters to keep Harry from their fingers. Their fingers? Harry thought to himself, he ventured to open his eyes, and the first thing he saw, was Snape and Dumbledore, wands extended towards Voldamorte who was writhing upon the ground, but not screaming, behind them were death eaters fighting others , the flashes from the wands so bright it left stars in Harry’s eyes. It was then,. Harry realized he could move, and he reached for his wand, its warmth feeling great in his grasp. He ran towards Dumbledore and Snape, just as a death eater cast the Imperious curse upon Snape. Harry Watched in Horror as Snape fell victim to an attack that he knew so well. Dumbledore looked at Harry and winked his concentration back on Voldamort, trying to hold him there. It was then that Harry saw his Mom and Dad walk up behind Dumbledore, and raise their wands, each looking at Harry and smiling softly to him. Harry blinked a few times, but when he looked again, it was people from the ministry of magic, Helping Dumbledore hold Voldamort there.

    (and here is where I cannot figure anymore out, writers block or what. But basically the ending states that Hermione and Ron die trying to help Harry. Dumbledore rises from the ashes, like his Phoenix Fawkes, and Snape really wasn’t the bad guy, even though he had to be to fulfill the plan on capturing Voldamort once and for all. And to destroy him. Snape of course dies. Trying to protect Dumbledore, and for breaking the unbreakable vow. As a group of Death eaters break through the ministry of magic wizards, they target Dumbledore, Harry seeing this, Places himself between Dumbledore and them, and looses his life, protecting Dumbledore. Thus the books end, with Harry, Hermione, Ron and Snape dieing for the good of things.)

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  21. Margaret on June 25th, 2007 11:54 pm

    After the final battle, Harry went back to Hogwarts and up to the headmaster office. He took seat and lean back in a chair. I wonder what will happen now that Voldamort is gone and now body for the wizard world to fear. You should go find Ginny and try to work things out with her now. Young lady voice said hiding in the shadows. Who the hell are you? You already know but you were made to think that I was a muggle. The young lady step out of the shadows. You are Maggie and you are dating Charlie. Yes I am but I am here to Cograts you on everything and revel a secret that was kept from you for a reason to keep me protected from Voldmort. I have the power to travel through time to save someone who was not ment to die. I had to go back in time four times to save four people. I can replace the person with a dumbing to make them look died to everyone else. Harry I would like or you to turn around and see who these people are. I hope you can forgive for holding this up to now.
    Harry turned around and saw the four people who he thought was gone forever. Harry slowing got up and ran into Maggie arms and turned around and ran into his parents, godfather and his mentor arms.

    Thank you so much for this Maggie and no I can not forgive but I can thank you for bring they back now. Harry before I leave you alone with these four, do me a huge favor and I will keep an eye on you to follow through with it. What ever it is I will do it. Please go to Ginny and work things out with her. She loves and I know you love her. Now it time for me to go check on the Weasly clan including my boyfriend Charlie. Maggie walk past the group to the door open and left. Harry realize he doesn’t now what He can do to thank her. But he did know one thing for sure he will need to talk to her and learn where she came from and how come he never met her before until now.

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  23. Who dies in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Book 7 : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - A blog about book seven in the Harry Potter series on June 26th, 2007 7:21 pm

    […] good character? How will the book end? If you’ve got ideas, why not submit them to our Deathly Hallows Ending Contest and possibly win […]

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  25. Allison on June 28th, 2007 9:43 pm

    What would be the point of these books if Voldemort fought the battle and won; thus sending out the message that evil a can conquer good? No, that cannot happen…
    I believe that the Deathly Hollows has to deal with Harry visiting his parents graves and gaining strength to fight the dark lord. I also believe that Harry’s scar is indeed a horcrux; and in order to save the wizarding community, he has to kill himself. So, in the last chapter Harry kills himself BUT is saved and returns to human form because Wormtail owes a life debt to Harry. Also, I think Harry will hurt the dark lord, but Neville (the weak wizard who we believe has no real powers) will shock the wizarding community by killing off the dark lord to get revenge of what the lord did to him. And as for the characters who die, it would be Harry who comes back and the lord who is defeated.

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  27. Andrew Ian Dodge on June 29th, 2007 12:39 pm

    Hermione buried her head in Hagrid’s vast chest weeping, unable to look at the scene around them. Hagrid, his huge hand comforting his young friend stood stoically staring at this hut. He tried not to think of his loss and remember what was won and what was lost.

    Hermione sobbed, “but I never got to say I loved him, Hagrid.” She sighed, “its so unfair he had to die.”

    “Yes, I know Hermione, it was unfair that he had to die to protect all of us.”

    “But why?” She was barely audible but Hagrid could hear her voice vibrating through his body.

    “Hermione, Dumbledore warned us that one of us was going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save us all.” He tried to sound strong, not letting his emotion get the best of him, “we will rebuild it all better than it was before.”

    “I don’t care about it all,” she scream sobbed, “all I care about is that Harry is gone forever. I will never get to see him again.”

    “I know its hard on all of us we all loved ole’ Harry.” He summoned his strength, “Dumbledore warned us all about the fight that came.”

    Smoke from filled the sky as Hogwarts and its surroundings burned in the night sky. Its students and teachers did all they could to put out the fires that filled the area. They were all out of the building and trying to come to terms with the utter destruction of their beloved school.

    Slithrin House was participating in the fight against the fire. Long forgotten was their leader Malfoy and their hatred for the other houses. They all got stuck in…

    Dumbledore looked on and smiled at his students. He was pleased to see that they were all there to help save what they could. He had known that Harry would not see old age since he first came to Hogwarts.

    Harry Potters demise help end the terror of Voldermort once and for all. The students would not understand until they were older what had gone on that fateful night.

    Dumbledore had already warned Hagrid that he would be leaving Hogwarts soon. His stewardship was over, his task was done and his end was nigh.

    “I wonder is Ron and the rest of them are alright,” Hermione mumbled.

    “I am sure he is alright, he is a tough lad,” Hagrid patted her on the head not believing what he was saying.

    Just then one of the towers of Hogwarts fell to the ground. Slowed in its descent by a quick handed group of students with their wands.

    No one noticed Harry’s wand lying on the ground in the middle of the grounds smoking and mangled.

    Dumbledore mentally prepared his farewell speech. He would address the students once the fires were put out. “These dark times will soon be over…”

    Just then Hagrid spoke up, seeing Dumbledore near by. “Come on Hermione lets see if we can do anything to help.”

    She reluctantly moved towards the rest of the students removing her wand from her pocket hand in hand with Hagrid.

    The End

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  29. Kanoi on June 29th, 2007 9:46 pm

    Tal vez este trozo no sea el final, pero sería genial que estuviera en el libro:

    “-No tienes escapatoria, Potter- replicaba Snape con una sonisa burlona, viendo a Harry quien estaba tirado en el suelo, semi inconsciente y con la varilla en la mano-. ¿Cómo piensas hacerle frente al Señor de las Tinieblas si no puedes ni siquiera desarmarme?
    -¡SECTUSEMPRA!- exclamo Harry sorpresivamente con la varita levantada hacia el cuello de Snape; la maldición hizo que Snape se agarrara la garganta con las dos manos, la cual terminó seccionada mientras la sangre escapaba a borbotones desde la yugular por entremedio de los dedos. Snape cayó al suelo agonizando, mientras que sangraba profusamente y segundos después yacía casi muerto sobre la hierba.
    Harry quedó atónito; era la primera vez que mataba a alguien con una maldición de tanta magnitud como aquella. Se puso de pie con mucha dificultad y miró el cuerpo semi inerte de su adversario.
    -¿Ahora que puede decir al respecto, Snape?- preguntó Harry mirando con desprecio a éste-. Tal vez no pueda hacerle frente a Voldemort, pero aún así no podrá ver cómo combato contra él
    -No podrás vencer al Señor de las Tinieblas, Potter- murmuró Snape agonizando- No impedírás que su poder siga aumentando,- comenzó a reir con dificultad, mientras que la sangre caía de su boca- ni tampoco destruirlo…- luego su cabeza cayó inerte sobre el frío pasto.
    Harry se agachó hacia Snape y le extrajo el Horrocrux de su túnica, guardándoselo en el bolsillo de la suya.
    -Esto es de parte de Dumbledore- declaró Harry, pateándole la mano derecha para soltarle la varita.”

    Enjoy :)

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  31. Dodgeblogium » Blog Archive » How Potter ends… on June 29th, 2007 11:00 pm

    […] is as part of this contest, being held to celebratet the upcoming final book. I leave it up to you to determine which part of […]

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  33. Hannah on June 30th, 2007 7:30 am

    Voldemort started laughing uncontrollably and disappeared into the dense fog. It was hard for Harry to see where Voldemort went, so he started running to try to escape it. Harry always knew what happened when a cold chilling fog would come in, it might mean that the Dementors were coming back. Harry’s scar was unbearable with pain. He heard Voldemort’s laugh getting fainter and fainter as he kept searching around for him. The fog started to slowly clear as Harry saw that Voldemort was standing in the grass down below the castle.
    “I want to fight down here Harry. That way no one will be “accidentally” knocked off the castle. We don’t want cheating now, do we?” Voldemort laughed some more as Harry pointed his wand into the air and shouted, “ACCIO FIREBOLT!” Harry’s broomstick came flying toward him as he jumped on quick to fly down below. Voldemort was shooting spells at him, but Harry kept dodging them. Harry jumped off his broomstick and landed on the ground easily. The wind was blowing mildly and the sky was darker and denser with fog. Neville and Luna were still on top of the castle, and seeing how they didn’t have broomsticks they ran toward the edge of the castle to watch from a safer view. They watched Harry and Voldemort have their final fight and hoping for the best for Harry. Harry and Voldemort faced each other with wands out and pointed at one another. Harry fired first but Voldemort dodged it easily..
    “Oh come on Harry, you can do better then that”, Voldemort said with little laugh. Voldemort fired at Harry but Harry dodged as well. Voldemort tried to control Harry like he had done before in the past, but Harry closed his mind. Harry and Voldemort fired at the same time causing their strikes to have a collision. Both were trying to hold up their end, but Harry was being over powered from the blast, and couldn’t hold it. Harry could here in the distance Luna and Neville cheering him on so he thought about them and all his other friends. Voldemort had no problem holding on, but sweat was dripping from Harry’s face. They both stopped at the same time, and while Harry was breathing hard, Voldemort used the Imperius Curse to control Harry. Harry wasn’t quick enough to dodge it. Harry was now being controlled, and he couldn’t break free of the spell. Voldemort smirked and started walking towards the struggling Harry.
    “Harry you should have moved faster. Now I can kill you whenever and no one can save you now. Its just how I promised in that nightmare you had a couple of hours ago. You remember, don’t you? You know me Harry… So you know that I’m going to have a little fun with you before I watch you die a slow painful death,” Voldemort said coldly in his ear. Harry struggled to break free but he knew Voldemort was right, he couldn’t be saved by anyone now. Neville and Luna are to weak to take on Voldemort and if they tried they still would be no match. Harry knew now that he couldn’t be saved. He and his friends would be killed and he couldn’t stop it. Voldemort stared at the defenseless Harry and just grinned.
    “Oh Harry, don’t feel so bad. At least you tried and just think, you won’t be the only one killed. After I’m done here, I will be sending the Dementors up there to finish your friends. I hope you feel THIS,” Voldemort shouted happily as he swung Harry into a tree. Harry lost his breath from the impact of hitting the tree so hard. He coughed and coughed as he had some blood coming out from his mouth. Voldemort just grinned even more.
    “Isn’t this fun Harry? Here, why don’t we try OVER HERE,” Voldemort barked as Harry lifted from the ground and was thrown across, to land on a pile of sharp rocks. Harry had the breath knocked out of him even more. His glasses had a crack and his face was covered in cuts. His hair was messy from the wind blowing fast through it. Harry was panting and he still could not move. Voldemort smirked and said, “I’m stronger then ever Harry. Your weak and pathetic. I thought all this time you would be figuring out a way to beat me, but I see you haven’t or I would be the one on the ground. Pity…Let me see that scar of yours.” He flipped Harry on his back and looked at it.
    “Ah, Yes. I remember that from so long ago. Well, it seems you’ll be having a lot more scars on you from now on.” Voldemort pressed his finger hard against Harry’s scar and Harry screamed with pain. Voldemort stopped and laughed a little. Harry’s eyes closed as if he felt he was going to pass out, but he opened them quickly after because even though he couldn’t move, he didn’t want Voldemort to think he was dead. That would give him the advantage to finish him off even quicker.
    “Why don’t you fight fair, instead of like a coward,” Harry said painting as if he were taking his last breath. Voldemort stared at Harry’s condition and smirked.
    “Even if we did fight fair Potter, its not like your in the condition to actually win,” Voldemort said. Harry just stared into Voldemort’s cold red eyes. He couldn’t stand the thought of dying after all he’s been through but he was too weak to break the curse and he couldn’t win even if he did try. The pain was to unbearable. He knew he had no more friends to help him out so Harry took his last look at Voldemort and slowly closed his eyes in defeat…

    Luna and Neville saw something was wrong, but they couldn’t do anything about it and that killed them inside. Ron started slowly waking up and started mumbling. Luna and Neville looked surprised, they thought he might be out for a week. Ron slowly started to say, “Where’s… Harry…? What happened to me. I can’t feel my legs or any other part of my body.”
    “You don’t remember?” Luna said. “You were being tortured by Professor Snape. You were in so much pain you went unconscious.” Ron looked at them both and just nodded and past out again.
    “I guess he’s still weak from the pain. He’ll be alright I hope,” Neville said. Luna agreed.

    Harry’s eyes were closed and he his breathing had slowered. Voldemort smirked and said coldly, “Goodbye Harry…” Voldemort raised his wand and shouted, “AVADA KADA—” A light flashed and distracted Voldemort from finishing his Spell. He was in rage that someone was to disturb him in his finest hour.
    “So are you going to turn to face me, or not you freak,” the voice said behind him. Voldemort turned with an angered face, but he was shock to see his future Death Eater facing him.
    “Draco Malfoy? What a surprise, but your ruining this for me and that’s not the right thing to do,” Voldemort said angrily.
    “I could give a damn if I get on your bad side. I didn’t want to work for you in the beginning. Just because my father was a Death Eater doesn’t mean I wanted to follow in his foot steps. I should have listened to Dumbledore. Even though he was a senile old man, he knew that I wouldn’t have killed him. I’M NOT A KILLER LIKE YOU AND I NEVER WILL BE,” Draco shouted as he shot another blast from his wand. Harry opened his eyes to see that Draco appeared to be helping him. Voldemort turned away from Harry and started to fight Draco. Voldemort gripped his wand harder as he was insulted by Draco. He walked toward him and said, “Well Draco, if you don’t want to be my future follower then, I HAVE NO MORE USE FOR YOU! AVADA KADAVRA!” Green light filled the sky as Draco went flying through the air and hit the hard dirty ground. Draco’s body lyed perfectly still and he did not breath or speak. Draco Malfoy was dead. Harry heard and saw what happened and it made him depressed. Even though Draco and him weren’t friends, he still felt sorry for how his mom and dad would react when they found out. Harry started to think that Draco saved his life. He distracted Voldemort long enough for the curse to break. Harry could move again but barely. Voldemort was standing over Dracos’ cold and pale body just to laugh at what he had done. He was to busy looking a Draco, that he didn’t notice that Harry was slowly getting up. Harry held his side as he stood, but he could barely see through his scratched and dirty glasses. He slowly started to point his wand at Voldemort’s back. Harry was trembling so much from all his wounds he received. Voldemort turned to finish Harry off, when he saw Harry was about to finish him off. Harry screamed with his last breath, “AVADA KADAVRA!” Voldemort pulled his wand and also said Avada Kadavra. Another collision occurred. The blasts from their wands were colliding with one another and green light lit the sky and the fog all around them. Luna and Neville both panicked from what they saw. They didn’t know who had won and who had died.

    The sun started to break through the fog and everything slowly cleared up. Harry and Voldemort were both on the ground. Luna and Neville were shocked to see what had just happened. Luna had tears steaming down her face and Neville held her hand in comfort. Neville stared down at where Harry and Voldemort laid. Then his mouth dropped and he smiled.
    “Luna, look! Look down there! Is that what I think it is,” Neville said hysterically, Luna dried her tears and looked down and saw that Harry was moving a little bit.
    “Oh my… HARRY! He’s alive come on Neville lets go check on him,” Luna said. Luna and Neville ran all the way down to the ground level. They ran to go check on Harry. Harry was lying on the ground barely breathing but alright. He had the breath knocked out of him again, when he was pushed back by the force of the collision. Harry opened his eyes and tried to stand but he couldn’t move his body to well. Luna and Neville ran to Harry’s side.
    “Harry! Harry! Your alright! We thought you might have…well died. Harry, your face has so much blood on it. Are you going to be ok?” Luna said in a concerned voice. Harry didn’t have the strength to speak but he nodded his head and passed out. Luna and Neville picked up Harry gently and carried him back to the Hospital Wing.

    Harry awoke a couple days later in one of the beds in the Hospital Wing. He barely had his eyes open and his glasses were still scratched. Everything to him was blurry but then he heard one of his friends.
    “Harry? Everyone wake up, Harry is awake!” Hermione said cheerfully with tears in her eyes. Harry looked around to see that everyone was surrounding him. Ginny, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and all the Weasleys. Everyone looked so grateful that Harry was alright. Harry looked at himself and saw that he was badly injured and still felt some dry blood on his face. His forehead and his right arm wrapped in bandages. Ron pushed Hermione aside to greet his best friend. “Harry! I’m so glad your alright.” Ron was interrupted by Hermione so she could add, Were all glad Harry is alright. Harry could hardly speak but he managed to say a few words.
    “What…happened to Voldemort? Did…I get him,” questioned Harry. Everyone smiled at him, and Ron nodded. Voldemort had been killed by Harry. Harry smiled in relief as the rest talked to him on how it as like.
    “Harry, the nurse said your not going to be able to move for a while because your body is still in shock from the blow, but she said after a couple of days of healing you should be better in no time,” Hermione said with a glowing smile. Harry still felt bad all over, but he was still curious on how Ron, Ginny, and Ron got back to normal.
    “Ron, Hermione, Ginny… How did ya’ll get back to normal? The last time I saw you all, you were unconscious.” Harry said in a weak voice. Ginny smiled at Harry and then at Ron.
    “Neville and Luna helped us.” Ron said. “After they helped you, Neville dragged me down to the Hospital Wing. While he did that, Luna attended to Ginny and Hermione. Then we all took care of you once we all got better.” Harry smiled and was glad it was all over. His friends were okay, Hogwarts wasn’t destroyed and he wasn’t dead.
    “Can I ask you a question Harry,” asked Neville. Harry nodded. “When me and Luna were carrying you back to Hogwarts, we noticed Draco Malfoy lying off in the distance. He was dead…Do you know why?” Neville and everyone around Harry were all curious to know why the pure-blood, Draco Malfoy was dead. Harry frowned and looked at them all, then he said, “You wouldn’t believe it, but…Draco saved my life. He distracted Voldemort long enough so I could break free from his curse. I wish Draco would have lived. I would have liked to thank him for doing that. He was always a chicken when it came to danger, but he risked himself to save me…” Harry had a tear in his eye as everyone looked sad to here the news. They always hated Draco, but he saved someone who wasn’t even his friend. It was very noble of him. Ginny sat beside Harry and held his hand.
    “Harry, even though I don’t know how you feel, I just want to tell you that I still love you.” She reached down to kiss his forehead. Harry smiled and said softly, “I love you too, Ginny. I would like to go steady again if you would.” Ginny nodded and hugged his neck. Ron and Hermione looked at each other and smiled. Ron grabbed to hug Hermione and asked her, “Hermione will you go steady with me?” Hermione smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Her answer was yes. He thanked everyone for helping him. He noticed Luna and Neville the whole time when they were visiting, they were holding hands. Apparently they were in love to.

    The sun shined on Hogwarts and the birds flews through the sky. The fog and evil was gone and everything had settled down. The grass grew a beautiful green, and flowers bloomed where him and Voldemort had fought. It had ended just the way Harry and everyone hoped. Him and Ginny were together, his friends were safe, and for now on he wouldn’t have to worry anymore about Voldemort. As Harry laid in bed, he looked at everyone around him and simply smiled. Harry could finally move on in his life and was happy to know that Hogwarts would be open year round for now on. He knew his parents and Dumbledore would have been proud…

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  35. Kevin on July 1st, 2007 12:18 am

    The New Harry Potter book is going to be a good one, but I think that J.K. Rowling will fool us all sith the ending. Many people think that Harry Potter will die in the end of the seventh book. However, I think that he will be the only one who lives.

    I think that Voldemort will kill Hermione and Ron. Those are the two main characters that J.K. Rowling said would die. I also think that Hagrid will be killed by Snape. Snape will try to kill Hermione and Ron, but Hagrid will come to save them and Snape will kill him instead. Then Voldemort will come to kill Hermione and Ron. Hermione will fight Voldemort to save Ron. But Voldemort will win, and he will kill both of them. Then Harry will come and battle Voldemort, and Harry will kill Voldemort. Then Harry will go and kill Snape because he killed Hagrid. Snape was never a good guy. He was always bad. So, the ending consists of Voldemort, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Snape dying. Harry is the only one that is alive out of the main characters. I think that this is what will happen at the end of the book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    This is the end of my predicted ending.

    Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool. Harry Potter is cool.

    The last part was just to make it 500 words long.

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  37. Jessi O. on July 3rd, 2007 3:07 am

    The dust swirled lazily around what was left of Hogwarts School. It was silent, and there was no movement, not even the lake’s water made a sound as it glided over it’s banks. Stars littered the sky above, the full moon bathing the ruined castle in an eerie glow.
    A faint light illuminated in the distance, make the dust around it defined with light. It grew clearer, as it came closer, but it didn’t move for long. It took only a few strides before stopping.
    Harry looked up from his position of being sprawled on the ground. His glasses where broken, hanging loosely from one ear, and his jet black hair was even messier than usual. He wore a muggle style sweater, and dark pants, which made him almost melt into the darkness around him.
    He scrambled for his wand that was only a few feet away, where it had rested after being dropped several feet, a result of Harry sending a quick Avada Kedavra towards Lord Voldemort’s last living horcruxe, his pet snake, Nagini.
    Harry quickly got to his feet, his wand aimed at the small, now unmoving, light. His breathing was heavy, as if he had ran for miles, which made his hand and wand shake slightly.
    “I’m impressed Harry, you actually managed to figure it out.” Voldemort’s heartless tone rang in Harry’s ears. “Though, Dumbledore did give you a headstart, that is, before his…passing.” Voldemort almost sounded excited when he said the last part of the sentence, which made Harry gulp slightly.
    “So let’s see where we are,” Voldemort said this as if he were having a delightful chat at an afternoon tea party. “Dumbledore informed you of my seven horcruxes. You then miss your seventh year at Hogwarts, to destroy them.”
    Harry still could not see Voldemort, he could only hear his snide voice speaking in the near distance. “You manage to destroy all but two, for a time that is, and evaded my Death Eaters as you did so.”
    Voldemort stepped closer, allowing Harry to see his snake like face. “And now you plan on killing me, now that I am mortal, at the very place you left at the beginning of September? Ironic, isn’t it?”
    Harry scowled in disgust, and wasting no further time, lunged at Voldemort, a hex screaming loudly in his mind.
    The hex made Voldemort step back slightly, but not close to over powering him. Voldemort laughed cruelly before throwing his own curse at Harry, who fell back, flat on his back.
    “I should kill you now.” Voldemort hissed ruefully, looking down loathingly at Harry. He placed his foot on Harry’s chest, pinning him down onto the cold, dead earth, his wand pointed at Harry’s heart.
    Harry’s mouth opened, and his voice came out as a low croak, “There are fates worse than death.” He said this old line slowly, allowing the words to sink in.
    Harry’s mind reeled, and he quickly thought of a summoning charm on his wand. It floated toward him in the musty darkness, still invisible to Voldemort who had now leaned down to Harry.
    Close to Harry’s ear he said in a low whisper, “I beg to differ.” He quickly opened his mouth to spit out the two worded killing curse, but before he could finish Harry’s wand was pointing right at him, and a look of pure hatred heated Harry’s eyes.
    With one breathe Harry shouted the words the wizarding world had been waiting to be cast, “AVADA KEDAVRA”.
    A green light blasted toward Voldemort, and hit it’s target, making him fly backward in a jet of green. Harry heard the body of his parent’s murderer land with a great thump a few feet away.
    Harry breathed heavily, replaying in his mind of what he just done. It had registered after only a few tries, and Harry knew he had to finish his job.
    Harry lifted his wand, the tip pointing at his heart steadily. Harry looked forward, memories of his friends, the Dursleys, even the death eaters flashed through his mind, and he knew he had to follow through to save them any more pain. Even if it meant inflicting his own.
    His voice came out in a low whisper, “Neither can live while the other survives.” With that in mind, he thought the killing curse confidently in his mind.
    Harry’s body landed on the ground with a soft thump, his glasses falling off, and his eyes shut. With that, the great ‘Chosen One’, The Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter, died a hero.

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  39. Lucas Koskey on July 3rd, 2007 6:14 am

    The Final Duel

    “Harry, run!” Mr. Weasley’s panting breath echoed through the bathroom. “Get to the chamber, and -”, his words were cut off by the rumbling of the walls as Malfoy blew the columns to pieces.
    “You won’t be going anywhere, Mr. Potter after the death of my son!” The ceiling came crashing down with thundering noise. “My son and wife will be remembered always!”
    Yellow flashes of light blinded both Malfoy and Arthur as Bill had entered the blood covered bathroom. “Go Harry! Save my family!” Bill gave Harry a mighty shove and Harry was falling down the pipes leading to the Chamber of Secrets. As Harry had one last glimpse of the fight, he saw Malfoy bring down the tower on top of himself and Arthur.
    Landing in a mess of water and waste, Harry hurried forward to continue to the Salazar Temple. He could feel his chest beating against his strong and determined heart.
    Passing through the final gateway Harry came to a horrific sight. All of the remaining Weasley’s, Neville, and Luna were bound to the head of the statue. Six death eaters were enclosed around a tall and evil figure, Voldemort.
    Harry cast a quick disillusionment charm. He slowly crept forward and could hear the words of Voldemort. “Now that we are here, here at my home, I can peacefully rid myself of all of you before I go create a dark world. We will start with the most cowardly first.” He raised his wand to very farthest left of the Weasley’s. Percy Weasley Was being raised high into the air.
    “Mother, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for all that I’ve done! I’m sorry didn’t believe you! I hope you can forgive me! I love -” and in a quick flash of green light Percy Weasley fell far the ground and smashed against the cold, hard stone floor, dead.
    “Not much of a loss was he?” Voldemort smirked as he examined Percy’s body. “You can’t miss him when you will be seeing him again so soon. Next I come to you, Longbottom. But I can’t truly do this with all pleasure. I will allow an old friend of yours to do it for you. Lestrange, you have the honor of destroying the final of the Longbottoms!” I high cold laugh echoed throughout the chamber.
    “It will be my greatest honor, my lord.” Bellatrix Lestrange bowed forward to kill Neville. “Let’s see again how well you compare to your parents’ torture!” She raised her wand with a deadly stare.
    “No!” Harry felt anger and hatred rush through his body. He wanted top see how she would feel when she was tortured and murdered. “Avada Kedavra!” A white flash of light, brighter than ten unicorns coats, filled the chamber. Lestrange turned on the spot, looked at Harry with a look of surprise and fell into the arms of her husband.
    “Harry, come to watch this death fest. I hope you realize you’re outnumbered and out-witted by myself and others.”
    “I don’t think so Riddle. RESENQUO!” Harry cried. All the Weasley’s, Luna, and Neville were set free. Ron ran forward to duel but then another voice rang out “APARROTER!” Everyone but the Death Eaters, Voldemort, and Harry vanished. Harry turned to see who had cast the apparition spell only to find Snape in a dark corner.
    “My Lord, Forgive me for being late to the great festival, but other matters had prevented me from coming here. Bill Weasley has been taken care of by myself. Harry,” Snape turned on Harry through his mangled hair and sweaty face. “I must say I’m sorry we had to leave like this but I must rid my conscience of your parents’ memory.”
    He turned his wand on Harry. With the quickest wand movement Harry had ever seen, Snape redirected his wand to the Death Eaters and shouted with all his might, “VEILASCORE!” A giant flame erupted from the end of his wand and took the form of a great basilisk. It wound its way through the Death eaters engulfing them in flames then finally taking Snape with it. “Thank you. . . Professor Severus Snape.” Harry sent gold sparks in the air as a salute.
    “Well, well, well, Harry Potter. We are alone at last. Let us take the proper procedures and duel to the death.” Voldemort was going to finally kill Harry.
    Above the death and torture, the school was being evacuated. Ron was leading students out from the entrance doors; Hermione was leading all the students out of the Hogwarts grounds. Bill Weasley and Hagrid were taking care of the rest. Ron was shouting to everyone, “Hurry there isn’t much time! We must get out of here!” Teachers and students left the building with all haste. Ron went back in for a final scan of the school.
    Water was flying and rubble was being blown everywhere, But Harry and Voldemort kept dueling. “Sectusempra!” Harry shouted. Voldemort was blown back but his wound healed instantly. “You’ll have to do better than that.”
    Voldemort screamed in his hoarse, cold voice “Avada Kedavra!” for the second time in history Harry Potter avoided the killing curse by summoning it into his wand and absorbing thee spell into his wand. His wand tip glowed white and green. Those colors swirling around the end of the wand tip. Harry pinned Voldemort against the wall. Harry knew now was the time. He was ready for this. He had waited seven years for this. Now was the right time. With all his might Harry screamed “AVADA KEDVRA DILUSIO!” The entire chamber began to glow white and green. And slowly, like creeping vines, a golden web began to spin itself up the chamber walls and around the school. Keeping anything it held, in its place.
    Ron ran outside the school saw Hermione and said “I promise I’ll be back.” Then he embraced her as he kissed her and gave her all the love he could possibly give. He then ran back to the school to get Harry. Hermione chased after him. He stopped as he heard her call and as he started to run back to her the golden web enclosed him inside of it. Hermione reached the web and put her hand to the edge and said in a low whisper “I love you too.” The golden web reached the tallest point of the castle. Everything inside the golden web crumbled, fell, and left the face of the magical world.
    Hermione hung her head in front a big, empty, sad site. She slowly began to walk back to the students and what was left of the teachers. “I’m going to carry on the pursuit of good and knowledge that has just left this universe. I will rebuild Hogwarts and name it in honor of all who died during this time of darkness. I will carry on Harry Potter’s and Albus Dumbledore’s wishes.”
    Years later, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry reopened. Placed on the front lawn where had been her lover’s foothold and the last time she saw her best friends, was a statue. It had a familiar shape that older people saluted and had become the center of the coat of arms; it was a lighting bolt shaped scar.

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  41. perpustakaanmaya.com » Blog Archive » Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Contest: Write An Ending on July 3rd, 2007 3:10 pm

    […] In this seventh and last book of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling ties-up loose ends and reveals the person who dies. The Harry Potter series are together the best selling collective works of fiction of all time. Readers young and old are enamored with Rowling’s imagination and skillful writing. Advanced rumor is that the Deathly Hallows keeps us on our toes and might just be the best of the Harry Potter series. While that’s a tall order, considering how good so many of the other books have been, Rowling will be able to cut-loose in this final book and give the readers the ride of their lives. Because it’s the final book, she has the advantage of pulling the veil off secrets and providing a memorable and surprising ending. Read more at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows website. […]

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  43. janelle mcgee on July 3rd, 2007 5:07 pm

    My Ending to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
    By: Janelle McGee
    Wed. July 3,2007

    …As Harry opened his eyes for the first time in what seemed like forever, he saw Hermione closely tucked under Ron’s arm with tears streaming from her eyes. He then saw Ginny with a depressed look on her face, and as he looked to the left of her he saw Lord Voldermort lying down lifelessly on the gloomy ground obviously dead. All the blood that was drained from his face knowing that he had really lost his friend Neville, his enemy Malfoy, that good for nothing Snape and Mr. Weasly, had suddenly come back to him with such a rush that he staggered backward. This was it. Voldemort had been defeated! He wondered why no one was celebrating. Why everyone looked sad and disappointed when they should have been jumping for joy. He went over and tapped on Hermione’s shoulder but his hand went right through her. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him so he went over to Ginny and waved his hands in front of her face. Still no sign that he was there. He didn’t know what to think. His mind was rushing with all different types of thoughts. .He began to feel dizzy. He heard a lady screaming. HARRY! It was his mother Lily potter. When he woke up, Sirius was beside his bed with Lily and James behind him.
    “Are you all right Harry?” Sirius asked.
    Harry was speechless yet he managed to ask if he was really dead.
    “Yes Harry,” replied Lily “That was very smart of you. Voldemort never saw it coming. You knew that “only one can live while the other survives” so you killed yourself knowing that you were the final horcrux.”
    “It was pure genius.” Stated Sirius.
    “Sirius,” Harry began to ask, “I thought you were stuck in the veil, why are you dead now?”
    “Well Harry, I was trapped, and Hermione, Neville, and Ron got me out while you were fighting Bellatrix Lestrange. Oh and thanks for teaching her a lesson. But as soon as I set off to go help you, Worm tail cast the killing spell on me from behind and well, here I am.” Sirius explained.
    “Oh. So where is Professor Dumbledore?” Harry asked his father.
    And as soon as he had asked that, Dumbledore came strolling in the room with a grin on his face and took a seat next to Harry’s bed.
    “Harry, your parents, Sirius and I are so proud of you. You knew you had to make a choice between what is easy and what is right and you chose what is right. You know no spell can reawaken the dead. If your mother Lily hadn’t put her life before yours you wouldn’t be here. Well maybe you would, but not on this very day. Now Harry I want you to do something for me.” Dumbledore said.
    “Yes Professor?” Harry said.
    “Harry I want you to look in that mirror over there.” Dumbledore said with the slightest grin on his face.
    Harry looked. He had no longer seen the boy so many people called brave, or the boy who took risks, or the boy with so much pain that was in his past. He now saw a young man reunited with his parents, god father, and professor he dearly missed. His life was perfect. He had everything. Except for one thing, his scar.

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  45. Kathryn LaPann on July 3rd, 2007 8:50 pm

    A Stone Heart

    Voldemort and Harry stood several feet apart from one another. Voldemort’s foul eyes were fixed upon Harry who was breathing furiously, trying to keep focused on the task at hand when all he could do was wonder wheather or not his next breath would be his last. Breaking the silence, Voldemort’s snake like mouth curled into an evil grin as he said, “Oh how I do love to taunt you Harry, Harry Potter, the chosen one.”
    “When you first stripped me of my powers, I spent years contemplating what had gone wrong, how the powers of a mere infant could have defeated me. It was not until I met you that I realized the only power you possess is shear luck. You’re mother’s love may have thwarted me before, but now I am stronger. No filthy mudblood will ever come in my way again!”
    “Don’t you dare call my mum that!” spat Harry whose strength had been renewed upon the mention of his mother.
    There stood a boy, nearly a man, and a creature, hardly a man. Harry glared at Voldemort with such an impenetrable intensity that Voldemort began to feel his heart beat faster and was forced to look away. Harry immediately noticed his enemy’s weakened defense and focused his gaze even more intently upon Voldemort’s skeletal frame. Trying as best as he could to conceal his anguish, Voldemort set his eyes upon Harry and attempted to regain control of the situation. Both Harry and Voldemort had been so concentrated on one another that they had lost the presence of everyone else in the stadium.
    Death Eater Lucious Malfoy broke the connection with a plea of fear, “Master!”
    Harry’s neck swiveled involuntarily towards the outburst and Voldemort’s strength was restored. He made an instinctive lurch for his wand as protection before he realized that it would be useless to him. Voldemort and Harry’s wands could no longer perform magic against one another properly ever since the connection they had made in the graveyard after the tri-wizard tournament.
    The world’s greatest enemies of all time stood facing each other, without even the option of magic to protect themselves. “Well Voldemort, what is it going to be” Harry said, trying to stall time as he thought of his next move. To Harry’s surprise, however, Voldemort did not respond but was once again transfixed by the gaze that Harry’s mother bestowed to him.
    Voldemort was feeling love for the first time.
    Lily Potter possessed the greatest magic the world has ever seen just within her electric green eyes, and she had passed it on to her son. If concentrating properly, Lily and therefore Harry as well, could force love into even the darkest souls. But Voldemort bared a torn soul and could not handle such love. His body appeared to be frozen and his face became more and more rigid as time elapsed. Everyone was too stunned to realize what happening until it was complete; Voldemort had been entirely transformed into stone.
    Time seemed to be suspended for several moments until pandemonium broke loose.
    Five of Voldemort’s most faithful Death Eaters and five of Harry’s most faithful friends were suddenly at war. The use of wands was no longer a hindrance and jets of green and red were flying past Harry, who was still staring transfixed at the stone image of Voldemort, left and right.
    Hermione shouted, “IMPEDIMENTIA” and successfully slowed an attacker but unfortunately they had already fired a curse her way and she laid screaming and twitching on the floor. The shrill voice of his friend in need brought Harry back to life as he joined the fight with the rest of them. He had been able to lose himself for so long because his friends had formed a barricade around him, keeping each Death Eater from what they desired – him.
    Just when all hope seemed to be lost something strange occurred. The Death Eaters suddenly realized that they had no master and therefore were in position for a raise in rank. What began as a war transformed into a civil war as each Death Eater challenged one another for the position as Dark Lord. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Ginny watched as all hell broke loose.
    Each Death Eater had been destroyed and Harry looked around at his friends for the first time. Hermione stood embraced by Ron, just as Neville stood embraced by Luna. It took a few moments for Harry to realize that he was holding onto Ginny, only she was not holding him back.
    “NOOOOOOO!” screamed Harry, but the scene had gone back before anything else could occur.
    For one last time, Harry awoke in the Hogwarts infirmary with Hermione and Ron by his side. He did not need them to say it, by the look of their swollen eyes, Harry knew that Ginny was gone.
    The world had been saved at the expense of Harry’s heart.

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  47. Bruno Miquelino da Silva on July 4th, 2007 3:46 am

    - Harry Potter will die.
    - Harry will find out that his scar is actually a Horcrux, and in order for Voldemort to be killed, he would have to commit self-sacrifice.
    - Obviously, before it, Harry would have destroyed all the Horcruxes missing, which will be in the number of 3: Slytherin’s Locket, (that is with Mundungus), the Hufflepuff’s Cup (that is in a place that will be created for the seventh book), and Ravenclaw’s wand (that’ll be in Hogwarts).
    - Hermione will help Harry a lot in the book. She’ll be seriously injured, but won’t die.
    - Snape and Lupin will die in a big fight between the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters. Both deaths will help Harry to achieve Voldemort.
    - Snape was always playing for the good side. Dumbledore’s killing was strategically arranged by Dumbledore and Snape, because just with Snape’s help inside the Death Eaters, can Harry kill Voldemort. Snape was more important than Dumbledore, then.
    - Neville will help the Order a lot. He will kill Bellatriz. He will also turn out as a Professor of Herbology in Hogwarts, when he grows up.
    - Kreacher will help Harry to find out where the Slytherin’s Locket is. At the same time, Pettigrew will help him with the Cup.
    - Draco will live, but he’ll have a miserable profession when the peace is established again.
    - The importance of Harry having Lily’s eyes will be to help him figuring out that his scar is a Horcrux. Voldemort did it accidentally right after killing Lily, and Harry’s eyes symbolize the fact that it was by Lily’s soul that the Horcrux was created.
    - The room in the Department of Mysteries, that is kept locked at all times, will have a central role. Probably, that’s where Harry will finally beat Voldemort.
    - The archway with the veil in the Department of Mysteries where Sirius died will also reappear. Harry will be able to talk to Sirius, although he won’t come back into life.
    - Hermione and Ron will marry.

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  49. Adam on July 4th, 2007 3:41 pm

    “They’re in the castle!” Harry heard a bunch of students yell.
    Harry didn’t expect them to come in, so with a move of panic,
    he rushed into the Great Hall. Harry knew instantly that the Death Eaters had already been there. With that thought, Harry sprinted across the room, when he heard a laugh.

    Harry slowly turned around, and stood there, was Voldemort. Behind him, were about 10 Death Eaters. Harry knew right away, that Snape was right there with them. “Harry at last” said Voldemort with a slick grin.

    There was a long silence as Harry just stared at Voldemort who stared right back at him. Harry thought of all the pain he has cause him, the loss of his parents, godfather, Dumbledore, and Hagrid. Then Harry finally said “Are you going to fight me alone, or have your friends ambush me just
    like they did Hagrid?”

    Voldemort let out a chuckle. “Harry, they are here to seek their ambitions, of watching me finish you off for good.”

    “Wasn’t that what they were doing in the graveyard three years ago, and you failed finishing me for the second time?” Harry asked.

    Voldemort no longer had a grin on his face. His face seemed to grow with rage. Voldemort then said “This shall be our final battle”.

    “Yes it will, now that you are mortal” Harry exclaimed.

    “I knew you had destroyed my horcrux’s, ever since Nagini was murdered” Voldemort said with anger

    Harry laughed and then said “Let’s Dance”

    Voldemort fired first, “IMPERIO!”

    Harry had no trouble dodging this. Harry then shouted “CRUCIO!”

    Voldemort barely got out of its way, but it hit a Death Eater. Harry laughed as the Death Eater squirmed on the ground trying to fight it off. Then Harry seized as a red beam of light struck him. Harry couldn’t move. There was noone there to save him. He stood paralyzed in front of Voldemort. Dark remorse went over Harry as he realized he failed to end the Dark Lord, as he was the only one that could.

    “Harry, you never could have killed me. Even when I am mortal, you are to weak to end me.” Voldemort said as he stood over Harry.

    “No one is going to save you, none of your little buddies are here to save you. Your filthy Mudblood mother isn’t here to die for you” Voldemort said. At this Harry just blew up with rage. He shouted and squirmed, but couldn’t break free of the curse. Harry then gave up, he had to accept his defeat. He glanced over at the Death Eaters, who all seemed to be laughing, and Harry noticed that one of the Death Eaters was missing. Harry couldn’t tell which one, cause he vision was blurred.

    “Harry, I’ve been waiting for this moment for 16 years” Voldemort said. “So I’m going to enjoy this”

    He turned and walked about five steps away, then a voice said “CRUCIO!”

    Voldemort was on the ground torturing himself, and Harry turned to see Snape coming towards him. This confused Harry. Last year Snape killed Dumbledore, and now he’s torturing who Harry thought was Snape’s real master.

    Harry looked up and asked “Why are you helping me?”

    Snape said “I’ve been helping you all along”

    Harry was then very confused. “How did you help me by killing Dumbledore?”

    “I never killed Dumbledore, well I did, but I knew he would reborn from his ashes, like a phoenix” Snape said “It was a way to gain Voldemorts trust, and provide me with ultimate knowledge of what his plans are.”

    Harry looked at Snape, for the first time, he was looking at
    him with good and not bad.

    Harry then looked at Voldemort and saw he had his wand raised at Harry. Voldemort yelled “AVADA KEDAVRA”

    Harry had seen the Green Beam coming at him before, just like the dream of him in the Riddle House three years ago. Harry closed his eyes, but something shielded him. He opened his eyes to see Snape standing in front of him. Then Snape flew across the Hall and landed in front of the Staff Table.
    He was dead. Harry then realized he had broke free of being paralyzed. He then turned to Voldemort who was staring at Snape, thinking what had just happened. Harry then shouted “AVADA KEDAVRA!”

    It was over. All the pain was gone. The person that caused Harry fierce pain, was gone. He couldn’t believe it. He stood over Voldemorts body. His face had a look of astonishment. Harry turned towards the Death Eaters, but they had fled. It confused Harry, why they had fled. Then everything went black.

    Harry woke up in the Hospital Wing, looking up to see Ron, Ginny, Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Fred, and George. “What happened to me?” Harry asked.

    “You went into shock after you killed Voldemort, your body just collapsed.” Mrs. Weasley said.

    Harry asked “Where’s Hermione?”

    Ginny burst into tears. Ron then said “It was weird, me and her were running through the corridors, when we saw the Death Eaters just ran out in a hurry. Hermione thought they had you, so she caught up to them. I ran up to stop her, but one of the Death Eaters stupefied me. I woke up, and Hermione was laying there. She wasn’t breathing. The Death Eaters killed her.”

    It was hard to accept the fact that one of his best friend was dead. Harry then started scratching his forehead, and noticed, his scar wasn’t there. The scar and Voldemort were connected, so since Voldemort is dead, the scar must have went away. Then Harry started to imagine what life would be like without his scar.

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  51. Sean Gutierrez on July 4th, 2007 10:18 pm

    My ending- Harry Potter won’t die, he will have to give up his wizarding powers and knoweldge of ever being a wizard. This being because the seventh horcrux is his scar that voldemort gave to him the night he killed Harry’s parents. That is why Harry has all the same powers of Voldemort. After all this Harry and Ginny will meet again and they will fall in love and get married. The last word is scar, told by J.K. Rowling herself, the last sentence is- Ginny: Do you want to know how you got that scar?

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  53. Susan O'Brien on July 4th, 2007 11:28 pm

    Harry’s heart was beating faster than it ever had before. He was so happy, but yet so scared. Did he really do it? Had he finally fulfilled the prophecy? It was too real to be a dream; maybe he was just over tired. No, it was real. How did he do it? Harry did not know. How long ago did he do it? Harry was not sure. It couldn’t have been too long ago.

    Harry had just become aware that he was alone in Dumbledore’s old office. Why was he there? How did he get there? Harry was not sure. Harry had just begun to stand up when the lights went out. Harry was so startled that he lost his balance and fell back over. Harry heard a crackle. He grabbed his wand and was ready for the worst.
    “Who’s there?” Harry said. Nobody answered.
    “I said who is there? Show yourself.” Harry said with confident.
    A tall figure emerged for the darkness. The lights flickered than came back on. Harry could now see who it was. His eyes filled with tears. Not angry, or sad, but tears of joy.
    “How … how did you … how are you” Harry could not seem to finish his sentence, but he did not have to, for Dumbledore new exactly what he meant.
    “How is it that I’m here when just last year you saw me die?” Dumbledore asked with a chuckle.
    “Well, Harry, if I am correct, when you destroyed Voldemort, you destroyed him not for yourself, but for all the people you love. When you destroyed Voldemort, you gave us our life back.” Harry was not too sure what Dumbledore meant by this.
    “Who do you mean by us?” Harry asked.
    “You will see soon enough.” Dumbledore said, walking to the door. He soon disappeared, only to reappear with Sirius behind him. Harry couldn’t believe it Harry couldn’t talk, he couldn’t move, he was so happy, and also shocked, all he could do was stare at Sirius. After a few minutes, Harry could feel his feet slowly move across the room. Fawkes flew over onto Harry’s shoulder and urged him to move quicker. Harry finally reached Sirius and Dumbledore. Harry went straight to Sirius.
    “Hey Harry. I’ve missed you.” Sirius said, hugging Harry. Harry did not know what to say. He was just so happy.
    “There are some more important people that you may want to see more than you want to see me.” Sirius said, letting go of Harry. Harry just stared at Sirius blankly, because he didn’t know what he meant.
    “Go on my boy, just walk through those doors, and you’ll know what I mean.” Sirius said, with a mysterious grin. Harry slowly walked through the doors leading out of Dumbledore’s office. Harry was so happy, he couldn’t even move. He just stood there, half in Dumbledore’s office, half in the hallway, just out side of Dumbledore’s office. Harry did not have to move, for his parents walked over to him.
    Harry hugged them, he never wanted to let go. Nobody said anything, nobody had to. It was all said for them, but not in words. Harry was so tired, and he felt comfort, that he never thought he would feel. There was so much comfort that Harry fell asleep in his parent’s arms.
    The next morning Harry woke up to a silent and deserted office. Could every thing that had happened last night have been a dream? I had been tired. It felt so real though. It couldn’t have been a dream. Could it? Harry didn’t need to answer his question, for they answered it for them as they walked into Dumbledore’s office door.
    “Did you have a good sleep?” Harry’s father, James asked him.
    “Yes, yes I did.” Harry said. James pulled a chair up for himself and Lilly. They all just sat there for a while, in the silence, Harry did not know what to say. Lilly was the first to break the silence.
    “We saw your friends, Harry.”
    “Really?” Harry said he had forgotten completely about them for a while. “How are they?”
    “There good. The protective shield, Dumbledore did tell you about that didn’t he?” Lilly asked.
    “Yes, he did.” Harry answered.
    “Okay, well the protective shield protected all of your friends, so they didn’t get too much damage.” Lilly said.
    “That’s great!” Harry said just as Sirius walked in the room.
    Hello, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Sirius asked, pulling up a chair.
    “No, nothing at all.” Lilly said.
    “Good, good, I was wondering … if you guys needed a place to stay … Grimmauld place is very large … and if you guys wanted to, you’re more than welcome to stay with me.” Sirius said, looking at James and Lilly. James and Lilly looked at each other for a while, than turned to Sirius.
    “We do need a place to stay, and we would be more than happy to stay with you!” Lilly answered Sirius.
    “Okay, now that that is out of the way, Harry, Dumbledore has offered me the position of Defence against the Dark Arts professor, and I was wondering if you wanted to come and help me out with it?” Sirius asked Harry, looking at his parents. Harry looked at his parents too, and they nodded. Harry ran up to Sirius and gave him a hug. He was so happy to be able to return to Hogwarts, and to be able to teach his favorite subject.
    “Dumbledore said he would like to talk to you, once everyone was reacquainted, so Harry, if you’re ready Dumbledore’s ready for you.” James said.
    “I’m ready, Where is he?” Harry asked.
    “He’s down in the hospital wing, with your friends.” James answered.
    “Okay, I’ll see you guys later.” Harry said, starting towards the door.
    “Bye, Harry.” James, Lilly, and Sirius said together.

    Harry walked down the hallways, as he did so many times before, and realized something didn’t quite fit. He didn’t know quite what it was though. Harry walked on, hoping it would come to him while he was walking. He finally reached the Hospital and saw Dumbledore sitting with Hermione. Dumbledore slowly turned around as he heard someone walking in.
    “Ah, Harry, well Miss. Granger, I must excuse myself to talk to Harry.” Dumbledore said, standing up.
    “Certainly” Hermione said.
    Dumbledore walked out the door, and Harry followed. They walked out into the hallway that were once filled with laughing people, but now were empty.
    “Harry, I want to ask you a question, about the Horcruxes. Something tells me, that you didn’t find them. I was wondering if you knew how you managed to destroy Voldemort.” Dumbledore asked Harry, with a look of puzzlement on his face.
    “Well, no, I didn’t find them. I also don’t know how I destroyed Voldemort.” Harry said truthfully.
    “I guess it’s a mystery we’ll just never know.” Dumbledore took a deep breath. “I was hoping if you knew, than that would make us one step closer, but I didn’t expect you to know.” Dumbledore said, not once taking his eyes off Harry.
    “One step closer to what?” Harry asked.
    “Aah, you see Harry, even though Voldemort is gone, you can still sense him from the under world, he can still break into your mind. We have already tried Occlumency, and that didn’t work. I am going to try and figure out how you destroyed the mind of Voldemort completely, so I can figure out how to stop all contact he may have with you.” Dumbledore told Harry.
    Harry was a little shocked by this news, but remembered not to lose hid temper.
    “Okay, well, do you think without knowing how, you can figure it out?” Harry asked.
    “We certainly are going to try, Harry, but we will need your help over the summer.” Dumbledore said.
    “That’s fine with me.” Harry said.
    “Okay, that’s good, you better go say goodbye to your friends now. Dumbledore said, starting to stand up.
    ‘Okay, goodbye Dumbledore.” Harry said also starting to standup. He walked into the hospital to see his friends.
    “Hey.” Harry said.
    “Hello Harry.” They all said together.
    “I just wanted to stop in and say hi before I left!” Harry said.
    “I heard your parents are alive, along with Sirius and Dumbledore! That must be nice.” Hermione said.
    “Yeah, it really is.” Harry told them, he got into the story about how Voldemort could still communicate with him. They all listened intensively.
    “Wow. That’s got to be a slap in the face, after what the prophecy said.” Ron said.
    “I know.” Harry said, half laughing at what Ron had said.
    “Harry, where are you going to stay? You won’t be staying with your Aunt and Uncle. Will you?” Hermione Asked brushing the dust off of her robe.
    “No, Sirius offered us to stay with him.” Harry said.
    “That’s good. Sirius will finally have some company with him.” Ron said.
    “Yes. Well, I better be going. We’re going to leave soon, but I just wanted to say goodbye before I left.” Harry said starting to stand up.
    “Harry, you will still keep in touch, won’t you?” Hermione asked, also starting to stand up.
    “Yes, I defiantly will be. I’ll still be here at Hogwarts, so you guys can come and visit anytime.” Harry said.
    “What? You’ll still be at Hogwarts?” Ron asked looking amazed.
    “Yes, Sirius is going to be the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, and he asked me if I wanted to come back and help him.” Harry said, laughing at the expression on Ron’s face.
    “Wow! That’ll be loads of fun.” Ron said, still shocked by this news.
    “Well, I better be off, I’ll see you guys later” Harry said turning away.
    “Bye Harry!” Hermione said, half crying.
    “Bye, see you later Harry!” Ron said.
    “Bye Harry.” Neville said.
    “Bye Harry, I’ll see you next year!” Ginny said. Luna was still dazing at the ceiling and didn’t say anything.
    Harry began to walk beck to Dumbledore’s office and once again noticed something didn’t quite fit. Harry stared at it for a while and noticed that one of the paintings was gone. He wasn’t sure which one, but he knew one was gone, for you could see the white spot where it had hung for so many years. Harry laughed out loud and all the paintings looked at him and shushed him.

    Harry walked back into Dumbledore’s office to find his bags packed, and Hedwig in his cage on Dumbledore’s desk.
    “Are you ready to go, Harry?” James asked.
    “Yes, I’m ready.” Harry said picking up his suitcase and Hedwig.
    “Okay, we just have to wait for Sirius and than we can go.” Lilly said, getting up to help Harry with his things. Minutes later Sirius walks in the door.
    “Is everyone ready?” Sirius asked.
    “Yes, we’re all ready to so.” James said.
    “Do you think we could make one stop on the way there?” Lilly asked Sirius.
    “Sure, where’s the stop at?” Sirius asked.

    Later that night they arrived at number 4 Private Drive.
    “What are we doing here?” Harry asked kind of worried.
    “Don’t worry Harry, I just want to say hello to my sister.” Lilly said walking up the pathway.
    Knock, knock, knock. Petunia looked out the peephole and almost fell over.
    “What … how …” Petunia started.
    “How is it that I am alive? It’s a long story, but it’s all thanks to Harry.” Lilly began. “I just wanted to say thank-you for keeping Harry while we were … well, dead.” Lilly said. Petunia now was over the shock and was able to speak properly.
    “Well you’re not welcome. Goodbye.” Petunia started to shut the door, but Lilly was too quick, and put her foot in the door.
    “What?” Petunia snapped.
    “Just wanted to say goodbye!” Lilly said, and you could tell she was smiling in her eyes.
    “Goodbye.” Petunia said, not mean, but in a friendly tone. She shut the door and you could hear her crying as she walked away.
    “How did you … how did you do that?” Harry asked.
    “It’s a sister thing.” Lilly said laughing.

    A little later than night, they arrived at 12 Grimmauld place. They walked into the front door and into the kitchen. Harry walked past the kitchen and straight upstairs to bed. He took Hedwig and his suitcase with him and soon fell asleep. Harry would no longer have any trouble sleeping, for he knew someone would always be there for him when he woke up.

    Susan O’Brien

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  55. Melissa Conroy on July 5th, 2007 1:51 pm

    “You lot can’t come with me!” Harry yelled in frustration, punch slopping down the front of his dress robes. Across the wide green lawn, festooned with so much tulle and pale gold ribbons that it was hard to see anything else, Harry saw Tonks shoot him a quick glance over her shoulder, then nudge Lupin.
    Gritting his teeth, Harry lowered his voice a fraction of a decibel but accidentally clenched his fist, crushing the plastic cup in his hand and spilling further punch on his robes. Here it was at Fleur and Bill’s wedding, and Ron and Hermione were going at him again. Not too far away, Fleur and Bill were wrapped so closely together, they looked like a pair of Siamese twins. Fleur was incandescently beautiful and Bill, still heavily scarred, was beaming so brightly that there were traces of his former handsome self visible on his laughing face. Everyone else at the reception was talking or dancing to the music of the band enthusiastically playing on stage. In a corner, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were having yet another row.
    Neither Ron nor Hermione knew that Harry planned to slip out quietly out of The Burrows later that night, as soon as his two friends were asleep. He would even Apparate if he had to in order to get away from the two who had dogged him annoyingly for the past three days as if they suspected his plans. But Hermione’s words instantly squished all hopes of escape.
    “It won’t do any good, Harry,” she said, bottom lip trembling slightly.
    “Whaddya mean?” Harry muttered angrily as he shook out his robes, purposefully flicking the orange liquid in Ron’s direction.
    “Trying to slip away without us noticing. I…I put a Sequorius spell on you the first night you came to The Burrows” Hermione said in a rush, looking scared.
    “What’s that?” Harry demanded, furious that she had somehow guessed his intentions.
    “It’s a tracking spell, mate,” Ron replied. He stood slightly in front of Hermione, as if shielding her from Harry. Unlike Hermione, Ron looked aggressive. “So if you give us the split, we’ll know it and be able to find you.”
    Harry suddenly realized he was doing an uncanny impersonation of Uncle Vernon at his angriest. He even had a vein throbbing on his forehead. He also realized that Ron looked prepared to thump him soundly and that he probably could have managed it nicely since his recent growth spurt had put him a good four inches above Harry. But it was Hermione’s tearful but brave expression that mirrored what the two of them felt: if Harry was to leave Ron and Hermione behind, he would be betraying all their years of friendship.
    Suddenly all Harry’s anger left him like air from a punctured balloon. “Okay, okay, but once I’m done killing Voldemort, you two are next.” he muttered to himself. Hermione flushed pink and threw herself at Harry while Ron cleared his throat and pounded Harry on his back.
    “No matter what, mate, we’ve got your back,” Ron declared. (prior paragraphs should be in italics as they are a flashback).

    All this flashed before Harry’s eyes as he looked into Voldemort’s dead ones. Voldemort held Harry’s wand loosely in his hand, and Harry knew that this was the end. There were no tricks left, no Felix Felicis potion, no Dumbledore or Sirius charging in to save the day. There was only him, Voldemort, and a terrible choice.
    Near Voldemort, Ron and Hermione stood, holding hands, but looking oddly calm. Their eyes also mirrored the finality that Harry felt. This was the end.
    “Don’t think your Order of the Phoenix friends will come save you, Harry Potter,” Voldemort sneered. “There are, after all, not many of them left. Arthur Weasley, of course, is gone…” Hermione gave out a low moan but Ron only grew pale and bowed his head. “Lupin was revealed for the traitor he was. Greyback attended to him personally. Bill Weasley has been imprisoned by the Ministry. It seems his encounter with Greyback had some rather long-term consequences. Besides,” Voldemort’s voice grew as cold as the cave, “no one knows you are here. There is no one that can rescue you from this decision you must make.”
    “Do it, Harry,” Ron’s voice, shaking slightly, broke out. “You heard what he said, there’s no other way to do it.”
    “Ron, I can’t!” Harry yelled suddenly, cold fear seizing him.
    Hermione spoke next, her voice shaking but brave, “You promised Dumbledore you’d defeat Voldemort. You promised us. You have to do it, Harry.”
    Voldemort’s voice suddenly rose in volume. “Do not think that by stalling, Harry Potter, you will save your friends. I have waited too long for this encounter to dally. Make your decision, or I shall make it for you.”
    Heart-sick and helpless, Harry stared across the hall at Ron and Hermione. They were both pale but standing straight. Hermione’s voice broke out, “Do it, Harry.”
    Harry saw Ron’s hand squeeze Hermione’s. Looking Harry in the eye, Ron said, “Give him hell for us, Harry.”
    A cold weariness suddenly settled over Harry as he turned to face Voldemort. Drawing himself up, he said, “I want my wand, Voldemort.”
    “Very well,” Voldemort replied with a sneer and flicked it. There was a bolt of green flame. Time suddenly slowed, and Harry felt as if he was suddenly two people. One person was racing forward, shouting at Voldemort, flinging curses right and left, shoving Ron and Hermione out of the way of danger. But the other Harry, the real Harry, stood silent and still, watching with resolute eyes as Ron and Hermione fell to the floor, eyes wide open and arms outstretched. Suddenly, he was aware that his wand was back in his calm, steady fingers.
    “You surprise me, Harry Potter,” Voldemort’s icy voice broke through Harry’s thoughts. “Where is the hero now? You stood there and let me kill your two dearest friends. My, my, what will you tell Molly Weasley?” His voice rose to a sneering shout, “Where is the great Harry Potter now? Now at the end, at the last row, you show your true colors. You may have grown taller, Harry Potter, but you are still the boy hiding behind tombstones and vomiting in fear. You are a coward who let your friends die so that you might live.”
    Harry heard these words, but they were like background music that he wasn’t really attending to. Instead, words from two years suddenly poured into his mind
    “Never used an Unforgivable Curse before, have you, boy?” Bellatrix screamed at him. “You need to mean them, Potter!”
    “Mean them,” Harry muttered to himself and suddenly the weight of the words hit him like a collapsing mountain. It was not enough to hate Voldemort because Hermione and Ron were now dead by his hand, because Sirius and Dumbledore were gone, or even because Voldemort had killed his parents and tried to kill him. It was not about seeking vengeance. It never should have been. Bellatrix had meant that he needed to enjoy hurting people in order to work an Unforgivable Curse. With sudden clarity, Harry realized he needed to sincerely believe that Voldemort needed to die in order to be able to defeat him. Voldemort’s evil stretched far beyond Harry’s small world. Other words floated up to his mind
    “Fools who where their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked this easily – weak people, in other words – they stand no chance against his powers!”
    Harry had always despised Snape, but in this one instant, he saw the wisdom in this statement. Each time Harry had encountered Voldemort, fear and hate had been the only emotions he had felt: fear for his own life and hatred over what Voldemort had done to him. But now, at the last end, Harry realized the weight of what would happen if Voldemort were to live, how greatly the whole world, Muggle and magical alike, would suffer. Harry’s small, desperate world paled in comparison to the billions of lives who would live in agony and fear under Voldemort. This realization was the only thing he could cling to that would give him the strength to stand up to Voldemort.
    Harry twisted his wand between his fingers as a cold, calm determination filled him. With a strange sense of detachment, he pointed the wand at Voldemort and his mind formed the words Crucio! Voldemort’s snakelike face suddenly twisted into a surprised and horrified grimace as he fell to the floor screaming in agony.
    Unhurried, Harry moved forward, calmly pointing his wand at Voldemort’s writhing form, keeping the curse steady. As Voldemort thrashed, a small, jeweled box fell out of his robes and clattered across the floor towards Harry. Harry stopped the curse and turned his attention to the box. The last Horcrux, he thought to himself, then raised his wand. Incendio! he said to himself and the box burst into flames.
    Voldemort screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” desperately trying to move his pain-weakened limbs towards the small fire that raged on the cave’s floor. But his arms and legs failed him and as his eyes filled with more terror than Harry had ever seen or felt before, he slowly died, shrieking in agony and desperation until what was left of his soul departed and there was only a shriveled, lizard-like body on the floor, hands stretched futilely before him.
    Harry slowly lowered his wand hand. He couldn’t quite bring himself to look at Hermione’s and Ron’s bodies, could not begin to think of how he would face the Grangers and what remained of the Weasley family. It was done, Voldemort was now dead. Staring at his body, Harry could not work up even a trace of happiness, relief, or even satisfaction that the most evil wizard was now no longer a threat. He had avenged his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore, and the others Voldemort had killed. He had saved the world. But the thought was bitter in his mouth as the price of that salvation slowly sank into him.
    Despair and grief began clawing at Harry’s innards, but he was too numb to feel much at all. He could only stand and stare at Voldemort. But as he stood silent, the tip of Voldemort’s wand gave a twitch and a thin silver mist issued from it. As Harry watched, the shadowy form of Dumbledore slowly rose up from Voldemort’s wand and came to hover before him.
    “Well done, Harry,” Dumbledore replied, his voice somewhat faint and higher-pitched than it was during his life.
    “They’re dead, sir,” Harry mumbled, for the first time turning his attention towards Ron and Hermione. He strangely felt no surprise at Dumbledore’s appearance, remembering how Dumbledore had once told him that the dead don’t truly leave the living.
    “Yes. I am truly sorry, Harry,” Dumbledore replied.
    “I told them not to come with me,” Harry said woodenly. “I tried to leave them behind.”
    Dumbledore was silent. “I didn’t really need them,” Harry said, realization starting to fall over him. “This one time I faced Voldemort, they couldn’t help me. They should have stayed behind.”
    After a long pause, Dumbledore replied, “Harry, you know I have told you that love is the most powerful force in the world.” Harry merely nodded. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he thought bitterly that for once, where it mattered most, Dumbledore was wrong. Otherwise, Ron and Hermione would not be lying at his feet dead.
    “I did not lie to you, Harry, for love is very strong. But love is not always directed at a person or thing.” Confused, Harry glanced up at him. Dumbledore’s spectral face crossed with a silvery smile and he continued, “In many cases, the love of what is good and the desire to do the right thing even if the consequences are terrible is the strongest. You, Harry, loved your friends enough to see that they wanted you to choose the world over them